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Control unit for control and measuring machines and  cloth inspection machines - (type -20) - -641 (-, -, -), including  a precise, digital, reversible counter of  cloth running metres   (accuracy of measurement = +5 mm for any length of cloth taking into account its tightness)

  -    -641


Speed advance unit -641 cloth metre, speed and advance counter (draft - shrinkage) for drying, stabilizing, dyeing and other textile and special purpose machines/optimization and control of tension, run of cloth



Speed advance unit -642 multifunctional cloth metre, speed and advance counter (warp draft - shrinkage) for sizing machines (type -3̅) with marking devices  / optimization and control of tension, warp passage



Pulse photoelectric sensors (photo sensors) operate together with .., х; provide discreteness/accuracy of cloth measurement = 10, 5 mm respectively, for cloth of any length):
       - -641       Z = 36 (impulses per revolution), reversible


       - -641     Z = 72; only for -642, non-reversible


Temperature controller -641 together with a remote heat-sensing device measures and adjusts temperature at the set level, executed on basis of the Microchip PIC controllers: t range = 0 +250 ;  accuracy to 1%;  load current to 16);  power supply voltage power circuit ~220V, 50/60Hz




- -641 same functions and accessories but universal  power supply voltage: ~220V from the adapter and/or self-contained power supply of +5V (installed storage batteries charged from the adapter)


Metal workers devices (determine types of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, place and degree of thermal treatment  by comparison of thermal electromotive force: express control, digital, compact):
- -641 (voltage/ power supply  - power circuit ~220V, 50/60Hz );

  -641, -642


- -642 (universal power supply voltage power circuit ~220V, 50/60Hz with the adapter  and/or self-contained power supply of -12V installed storage batteries charged from the adapter, portable)


Transformer oil breakdown voltage control device       -641 express control of liquid dielectric breakdown  voltage in laboratories or at energy works: breakdown voltage ~ to 12kV 10; power supply voltage power circuit ~220V, 50/60Hz with the adapter or external power supply  of -12V



Device for process oil check for presence of emulsified water -641 for check (detection) of water presence in oil usage of change of phase at boiling up of emulsified water in oil heated in a special sensor at t = ~180 : amount of assay 33-35 ml, range of measurement of undissolved water content 0.01-99.99 ml.   KD series is available from the 2nd  quarter of  2007



Breakdown devices (installations) (test of solid dielectric products for electric strength of insulation with high voltage AC and assessment of escaping radiation current, easy for operation, compact, assembled on basis of high voltage  Fart transformer models, U1 = ~220V, 50 Hz):
- -641 (~ output voltage = to 10 kV, load current = 1 , 250160420 mm, ~11 kH);


- -641 (~ output voltage = to 2.5 kV, load current = 1 , 250160400 mm, ~7,2 kH).


Magnetic inductometer -641 (determines the value and direction of the magnetic field, remnant magnetization: range 1 - 2000 mT, error 2.5%, digital, main piece Hall device, universal power supply voltage  - the same as in item 9)



Pressure meter (measures the value of contact pressure  at the units of electrical machines, high voltage disconnectors and electrical equipment; >15 modifications /see the booklet/ of various thickness of the prod = from  2 to 110 mm, pressure force F = from 0.05 to 60/100 kgs at smaller sizes the force range is more, more precise and efficient than all known analogues:
  - -641 (power supply voltage +5V - 4 constituents of type -316, size AA, LR6...; display unit is installed into the standard heat-resistant plastic frame G747 22516540mm, analogue -641, -901)



- -641 (power supply voltage the same as in -641, metal display unit 18417036mm)


- -641 (the same as -641 but instead of removable batteries it features the universal power supply voltage: power circuit  ~220V, 50/60Hz with the adapter  and/or self-contained power supply of +5V - installed storage batteries charged from the adapter).



- -641 (this meter  includes functions of 10 modifications/ from 4 to 12 /first models:
force measurement range  F = 0.4 70/100 kgs with discreteness of 0.1 kgs;  is adjusted from 6 to 110 mm, with nozzles;  universal power supply voltage as in -641)



- -641 (pressure meter for F control in pin jacks of high voltage gears of the tulip type, three modifications: for ø = 24 mm, 36mm or 55mm; universal power supply  voltage as in -641)



Thread tension meter -642 (measures tension of wire, chemical fiber, cord, waxed thread, firm yarn/thread/not stretched or stretched with the diameter of to 2mm, tension force  F = 0.2  10.0 +0.01 kgs)



Microhmmeter -641 (measures intermediate resistance of contact, terminal /bracing/ and other  cold joints  and connections, in units of metallization, ground connection; field resistance of electrical machines, transformers, four-terminal measurement circuit, digital,  Rvariability = from 10 Ohm to 10 Ohm, universal power supply voltage  - the same as in item 9)

 -641,  -642


Milliohmmeter -642  - the same as in item 21 but Rvariability = from 10 mOhm to 20 Ohm
(in the multimeter mode  milliohm meters measure the whole scale of resistance to 2 m, i. . it is possible to measure resistance from 10 Ohm to 2 hm included if both devices are available; portable)


- -642  - the same as in item 23 but the length of measurement braids is 5 - 8 metres by request.

(All milliohm meters are portable, in the multimeter mode they measure the whole scale of resistance to 2 hm)

- -643 (replaces MOM-641A) performed by the microcontroller,  Rvariability = from 10 Ohm to 10 mOhm, error not more than 2%, length of the measuring cord up to 10 meters, operation t = -20 to +500C


Electric power line (cable) tension meters (mounted, microprocessor) measure tension force F without breaking the circuit - line, cable, pole guys, girth rails, other cable connections (discreteness 0.001 ts,  error not more than 1.5%,  weight 2.5 5 kg, operation t = -20 to 500C, power supply voltage - see item 17): 

- -642M force  F  from 0.02 to 2 ts; 

ø  cable  2 -  8 mm,  spacing 0.33 m;


- -643M force F from 0.03 to 3 ts; ø cable 5-15 mm, spacing 0.33 0.41 m;


- -643M - force F from 0.05 to 5 ts; ø cable 10-20 mm, spacing 0.41 m;


- -643M - force F from 0.1 to 10 ts; ø cable 15-25 mm, spacing 0.62 m;


- -643M - force F from 0.15 to 25 ts; ø cable 20-30 mm, spacing 0.96 m


Meters for measuring tension of two cables -643M mounted (plated) devices for simultaneous measuring tension force F of diametrically opposite pole guys without breaking  the circuit (included: two mounted strain-gauge meters /two beams/ and an indication and measurement unit, four modifications for cables of ø as per items 24-25, 26, 27, 28;  length of connection cables from measuring beams to the unit according to customers technical request). It is recommended to apply a goniometer when erecting supports, masts and antenna together with meters -643 see item 42.


Digital strain-gauge dynamometer -641 measures tension force to 10kgs to 0.5% /discreteness 0.01kgs/, convenient for measuring, e.g., pressure of electric brushes on the collector in large-size electric machines, compression or stretching of the spring (pin), rubber items alternating  (reversible), compact, efficient, universal power supply see item 17.

* -642 the same,  but up to 20 kgs, accuracy 1%, discreteness 0.01kgs, metallic body



Pressure meter -644 for measuring pressure of electric brushes on the collector in the brush and contact unit of turbogenerators (e.g. -500-23..) during their work. Compact clip-on instruments register de-energization of the brush (circuit to 300) at its stay (separation) from the collector and at this moment dynamometer takes readings of force F: range = 0.05 - 10 kgs; error < 0.05kgs. The meter can be applied to control of force in other large-size electric machines and high-voltage gears, if the construction permits and the item 31 is not enough.

   () -644


Compound pressure meter -645 (is destined for measuring force of contact pressure in electric brushes on the collector of large-size electric machines, it is equipped with two strain gauges: one from -641 /modification 01 or 02 by request/ - for measuring pressure under the electric brush or pressure pins /bottom/, the other from -644 for measuring pressure by drawing off the brush /pin, spring -  top/).



Pressure meter -646 measures and indicates the value of contact pressure of trolleybus current collector, e.g., on the wire of the trolley line in the conditions of parking in the depot: force F from 2 to 20 kgs to + 0.2 kgs, distance between the sensor and the measurement unit is to 10m.


* Belt strand tension gage -647 (V-belt and flat belt) control of equality of loads on the belt of sectional couples, screening and selection of identical ones with parameters:  force F from 8 to 400 kgs, error to 2.5%; width of measured belts from 8 to 60 mm.

Production according to customer's requerements.


Liquid injection device for filling and pumping (to 18 l/m)  of process liquids (e.g. in accumulator, electroplating shops) with different degree of viscosity (to 190 centistokes): acid, alkali, oil, drying oil, glue, resin, glycerin, solvents from vessels:
- -642  - from glass bottles with the screw plug and capacity of 10, 20 litres;

   -642, -642  -643

- -642 from plastic cans with the screw plug and capacity of 40, 60 litres;


Multipurpose portable liquid injection devices (immersion suction tube with the force connecting pipe, electric drive pumping liquids from any vessel with the neck ø not less then 42 mm; power supply voltage=24-27 V /~220V/, 300-600 Wt, V=3500-5000 rev/m, to 200 centistokes, productiveness to 60 l/m):
- -642 for liquid pumping, including corrosive liquids, tubing - titanium, rigid vinyl plastic

    -642, -642


- -642 for pumping only neutral liquids (non-corrosive, non-explosive), tubing stainless steel or steel with chemical cover (burnished).


Electromagnetic presses (cold stamping on basis of  pulse linear electromagnetic motor compact presses) successfully applied in the electrical and light industries (tag molding, production of printed circuit boards, mica, plastic, output of electronics, slotting, fixing of accessories on textiles and footwear, compacting of sand) - cutting, stamping, stretching, punching, riveting, coining, marking, bending, dressing, expansion, pressing in, forming /since the  2nd quarter of 2005 we have produced by request only unit-type spindle heads  pulse LEMM / :



- -641 (220 V, 250 Wt, force to 300 kgs, slide-block travel 35 mm, frequency to 400 stroke/m, mass ~ 30 kg,  280320440 mm);

  -641 (-, -)

  -641 (-, -)



- -641 (220 V, 400 Wt, force to 700 kgs, , slide-block travel 35 mm, frequency to 200 stroke/m, mass ~ 35 kg,  280320460 mm);


- -641 (220V, 700Wt, force  to 1000kgs)


Stroboscopic tachometer -641 non-contact digital probing of revolutions number per minute of the rotor of the electric motor or other rotating gears; it also registers vibration frequency of the controlled object: range 300 20000 rev/m or 10 330Hz with the error of to 3.5%; control distance - to 50 cm;  portable; construction and design, size and weight, power supply voltage see item 9


* Digital goniometer -642 besides accurate measurement and digital indication of the level, angle deviations, flatness and squareness,  the main function of the item is to measure angles of dip of elements of power transmission  lines (body of support, cross-beams, girth rails). It is recommended to apply when installing cell phone and radio and television towers, masts, aerials together with meters for measuring tension of cables -643. It is performed on basis of PIC controller: range of measurement 360 = (4x90C), error 0.05 to 0.1; operation t=-40 to +60C, 400x50x40mm, ~0.4 kg. Analogue of PRO 3600 (Mitutoyo, Japan).



* Detector System meter -641 - measures digitally  and ice-crusted ground layers and wind loads, force applied to phase cables and the thunder cable of the intermediate section of the power transmission lines, as well as ambient temperature. Range of measurement: ice-crusted ground load 20 to 600 kg, wind load with speed 2 to 40 m/s, t=-40 to +60C. The set includes 3-5 sensors placed on the elements of the support and a portable block for information processing and indication.

Production according to customer's requerements


* Ice-crusted layer meter -641 measures only ice-crusted layers of ground and other loads exceeding tension force and weight of the thunder cable (or phase cable) up to the critical mass ~600 kgs, min set for one section of power transmission line is one sensor (see item 47), cable, connection outlet and block for information processing and indication.


*Strain-gauge transducer -641 - strain gauge and communication interaface with the block for information processing and indication are installed on the typical linear reinforcement of the power transmission line (suspensions of isolators rings, one and two-part ears).


Smolder detector -641 (registers initial stages of  ignition at the controlled object: smouldering, arcing, smoking- infrared spectrum)



Sources of supply and charging (units, adapters, storage battery) of 12 V - from 0.35 to 2 . If the power circuit of 220V is available or not they can serve for supply and charging of devices see items 7, 9, 10, 13 - 34.


Cases for packing, storage, transportation, serviceability of devices plastic boxes (with a lock and handle) for   , , ͅ produced and implemented earlier. Since 2004 products per items 7, 9, 10, 14 - 35, 44 have been packed in these cases (together).  Two sizes: 160(200)22070 mm and  200(240)23080 mm.

  , ,

* New!

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